Padel Courts Deluxe

Game on, experience beyond: padel courts construction.

From innovative technologies to dedicated craftsmanship in padel courts construction matters, we bring you more than just courts – we deliver unforgettable moments of play, passion, and excellence


Crafting Padel Experiences

With over a decade of mastery in padel courts construction, we create paddle tennis courts that embody ambition and quality. Rooted in Spain, our padel courts reflect advanced technologies and the human touch. From blueprint to installation, each court is a canvas for dreams. Our commitment to innovation ensures each player steps onto a court where emotions and memories converge


Your game, your way.

Unveil a world of Padel Courts versatility, with standard, panoramic, and indoor-outdoor options. Find the ideal court to enhance your game

Our Padel Courts

A Global Legacy

Welcome to the world of Padel Courts Deluxe, where passion meets craftsmanship in the creation of premium padel courts. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, we’ve set a benchmark in the industry, leaving our mark on numerous locations around the globe.

In every court we design and install, we infuse a blend of innovation, durability, and aesthetics, ensuring that players experience the true essence of padel. Our courts are more than just playing surfaces; they are a testament to our dedication to this exhilarating sport.

Padel Court Manufacturer with the best
current technology

At Padel Courts Deluxe we offer our clients integral solutions, advising and customizing the padel courts according to the specifications of the project.

Since 2018 we exclusively enjoy the privilege and guarantee in being the only company in the sector to receive the homologation by the prestigious International Padel Federation (FIP), which implements a number of added benefits to our customers. We have installed sport surfaces in the five continents.

Why choose us?

Many awards recognised

PCDLX has been awarded and chosen as a padel court model by federations such as the Spanish Padel Federation, Australian and German Padel Federations.

User Review

All our customers when they install a sport court are happy with the quality and the treatment during the whole process.


We rely on a full support system, in which we guide the customer through the entire installation process.

Totally new technology

PCDLX has been recognised as a major innovator in the world of padel courts and surfaces with the latest technologies, from resin surfaces to carbon courts.

We have installed courts in +35 countries

These are some of the most exciting projects of Padel Courts Deluxe.

We love to contribute to the development of padel around the world and we are sure that very soon it will become one of the most practiced sports in the world.

Strategic Partners


Padel Nuestro

Padel Courts Deluxe has joined forces with Pādel Nuestro to generate positive synergies between the largest manufacturer of padel courts in the world and the largest seller of padel sports equipment in the world
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GreenSet resin obtains its recognition and prestige worldwide for its high quality (it is manufactured in Spain and is present in more than 50 countries). For 30 years, and especially nowadays, it is used in most of the most important tournaments: ATP, WTA, Davis Cup and Olympic Games.
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Mutual agreement between the two companies, with the sole objective of bringing the paddle around the world.


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German Tennis Federation
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Cluster International Padel
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Italian Federation of Padel and Tennis
Padel Nuestro
Spanish Soccer Federation
MM Academy Padel Courts Deluxe

Padel Courts Deluxe

Our paddle tennis courts combine a design in which the safety of the game is weighted with the highest level of technical manufacturing.

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Our team will help you through the whole process of installing surfaces and courts.

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