Europe's largest Padel Court Factory

Welding workshop

The welding workshop is the area where the process of joining different metal pieces is carried out to build the structure of the paddle courts. Here, welding techniques such as arc welding, MIG welding or TIG welding are used to ensure a secure and durable joint.

Painting workshop

In the painting workshop, the paddle courts receive their final finish. High-quality coats of paint are applied, designed to resist wear and exposure to the elements. In addition, the painting is done in accordance with the regulations and standards that guarantee the visibility and proper performance of the game

Courts storage

The court warehouse is the place where the inventory of finished padel courts is kept and ready to be sent to customers. Here a rigorous control of the different models and sizes available is maintained to streamline the delivery and distribution processes.

Glass and lawn warehouse

In this warehouse, the materials used for the construction of the playing surfaces of the courts are stored. This includes the tempered glass used for the enclosures and the high-quality artificial turf that is placed on the playing surface.

Material warehouse

In the material warehouse, other components and materials necessary for the manufacture of paddle tennis courts are stored. This can include metal structures, fixtures, lighting systems, netting and other elements necessary for the assembly of the tracks.


The offices are the administrative and management center of the factory. Here tasks such as production planning, order management, customer service, accounting and other administrative aspects of the business are carried out.

Small parts warehouse

This warehouse is responsible for storing components and smaller parts used in the manufacture of paddle courts. It is essential to maintain an organized inventory to ensure the quick availability of these items during the assembly process.

Laser cutting machine and folder

The laser cutting machine is a precision tool that is used to cut sheets of metal and other materials with great accuracy, according to the specifications necessary for the construction of the tracks. The press brake, on the other hand, allows bending and shaping metal parts to achieve a perfect fit.

Welding robot

The welding robot is an automated tool that performs the welding process accurately and repetitively. This improves the efficiency and quality of the joints in the construction of the paddle courts


The entrance is the main access to the factory, where staff, suppliers and visitors enter the premises. It is an important part that reflects the corporate image of Padel Courts Deluxe