Tennis Courts Construction

Padel Courts Deluxe carries out the construction tennis courts, providing its clients with the highest quality surfaces on the market.

Tennis Courts Construction PCDLX

Tennis court construction

PCDLX is the basis of sports flooring, formed by a set of selected aggregates and additives in the right proportion, it creates a flat pavement, with a very high drainage capacity, you can play while it rains, and its finish in specific acrylic paints allows a variety of colour that prints modernity to the installation.

The PCDLX paving used as a base on which artificial grass is laid, results in a high performance, high quality installation.

The artificial grass is available in various types and colours.

Finally, another aspect that affects the construction of tennis courts is the different zones that make up the space. In other words, the parts of a tennis court. To begin with, the space is divided into two equal parts, each corresponding to one of the teams. These two parts, in turn, are divided by an essential element in tennis courts: the net.

Each part of the court and the perimeters of the court are marked by lines painted on the playing surface. The most important thing in these cases is to ensure that each line has the correct measurements for the sport.

Tennis Courts Construction

Professional tennis court maintenance

In addition to the construction of the tennis court, it is necessary to take care of the maintenance of the court. In fact, taking care of the state in which the installation is in is essential in sports facilities. Only with the correct care of the tennis court will it be possible to ensure that the game is played properly and that the facility remains in good condition.

Dimensions of a tennis court

The most important thing when building a tennis court is to ensure that the dimensions and condition of the court are adequate. The court surface must guarantee a smooth surface, although there are different types of surfaces for these spaces: grass, clay, cement, synthetic or wooden floors. The selection of the most suitable material will depend on the type of game to be played. It is also essential to take care of the measurements of the tennis court. The regulation length for this space is 23.77 metres. However, the measure for the width of these spaces will depend on the matches to be played. In the case of singles it will measure 8.23 metres and in the case of doubles it will measure 10.97 metres.
Tennis Courts Construction Greenset Tennisplatz bauen

PCDLX Tennis Courts

At Padel Courts Deluxe we only work with materials that are strictly and meticulously selected to ensure that they meet the necessary technical requirements. We also have our own highly qualified staff to ensure that the structures are installed perfectly and that they are cared for with the utmost care.

In addition, investing in the correct maintenance of the sports courts guarantees that the space will be profitable over time. This is because a well-maintained court will not need as many repairs or suffer as much damage, saving a large amount of costs thanks to this investment.

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