Pickleball Courts Construction

If you want to build on a regulation Pickleball court Construction, you must know the details when constructing pickleball courts in order to be prepared. Shall we go into the battlefield?

The number of people playing pickleball grew 159% in three years to 8.9 million in 2022, according to the Sports & Fitness Industry Association.

It originally gained a following in retirement communities where it was beloved for its social aspect and exercise benefits. The ball travels slower than in tennis and the court is half the size, making it easier to play. It is also accessible to a wide range of age groups and the

Pickleball Courts Construction
Pickleball Courts Construction: Regulatory Dimensions

Pickleball Courts Construction: Regulatory Dimensions

If you want to carry out the construction of pickleball courts, you must know their regulatory measures:

The total surface of the playing court must be at least 9.15 metres wide by 18.30 metres long. The minimum space around the court is 3 metres on each back line and 2 metres on each side line so that each player can move around with complete peace of mind.

The dimensions of the court should be 6.10 metres wide by 13.41 metres long for both singles and doubles matches. This measurement should be made from the outside of the lines, which should be up to 5 centimetres wide and of the same colour, in order to contrast with the playing surface.

The height of the net is 92 centimetres at each end and 86 centimetres in the middle. Check it in World Pickleball Federation

Pickleball court dimensions

The dimensions of a standard pickleball court are as follows:

Total playing surface
The total playing surface (including the court and outer perimeter) should be at least 9.15 m wide and 18.30 m long. The optimum dimension is 10.40 m wide by 19.50 m long.

Court dimensions
The court should measure 6.10 m wide by 13.41 m long for both singles and doubles matches.

Dimensions of the pickleball court

The measurement of the court should be made to the outside of the lines. These lines should be 5 cm wide and of the same colour, contrasting clearly with the colour of the playing surface.

Net height
The height of the net is 92 cm at each end of the net and 86 cm in the centre.

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Ways to cover a pickleball court

There are many ways to cover a pickleball court. We manufacture prefabricated covers, but here are some of your alternatives:

  1. Tarpaulins: An inexpensive idea that you can put up and take down whenever you want, but not very functional against bad weather.
  2. Fixed roof: These are permanent structures with metal roofs. They are installed on top of the rink and cannot be moved. Ideal for more stable climates or when you want a more permanent roofing solution.
  3. Prefabricated roof: These are aluminium structures with a stretched canvas roof. They are anchored on top of the runway, without central pillars, and provide temporary or permanent protection. Ideal for all types of weather.
  4. Prefabricated retractable roof: These are roofs that can be slid to cover the track and can be retracted to leave it in the open air. 

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