Renew the grass of your Courts for Christmas

In collaboration with PadelRenting and PadelMBA, we are excited to present you the most outstanding grass renovation offer under the prestigious MONDO seal.

Get ready to welcome the new year with exceptional performance and a flawless appearance that will leave players and visitors in awe.

Renew the grass of your Courts for Christmas

Choose quality and excellence from industry leaders and, as a special gift, you will have the opportunity to become a Certified Padel Coach or Manager certified by PadelMBA without no cost!

Get PadelMBA as a Gift: An Exceptional Offer

Promotion valid for Spain only during the month of December, so don’t miss this exclusive opportunity. Not only will you improve the quality of your tracks, but you will also receive valuable training to elevate your game and leadership. Ready to take the next step in padel excellence? Fill out the following form and make your courts shine with a spectacular renovation and elite training!
Grass your Courts for Christmas and Get the PadelMBA as a Gift An Exceptional Offer