Portable Padel Courts

PCDLX padel courts

Padel Courts Deluxe was the first company to create the system of fastening rings for paddle courts. This allows us to install the courts without anchoring systems on the ground, that is, it is not necessary to make any holes in the ground or use plugs. This is what we call portable paddle courts, ideal for events. Portable courts with rings are also ideal for the international market, where Padel is starting to grow and making the installation as easy as possible is key. This system allows us for example to install the court directly on a tennis court of porous concrete or resin type “greenset”, or on a soccer court, basketball…

Type of portable courts

This type of court is also ideal for waterproofed roofs and where it is not advisable to make any holes.

We leave you some photos of tracks with ring that we have installed at international level, the Club de Tennis Marin of Switzerland that installed the portable paddle court (the rings you can see them in yellow color, the superior and the inferior) on a tennis court. The Ostend Padel Club in Belgium also used the PCDLX portable system for its 4 Padel courts, this time the base was a field field hockey field.

Type of portable courts
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