PCDLX & Padel Nuestro Collaboration

The union

The Alicante company Padel Courts Deluxe has joined forces with Pādel Nuestro to generate positive synergies between the largest manufacturer of padel courts in the world and the largest seller of padel sports equipment in the world, with the sole objective of making padel grow around the globe.

The company Padel Courts Deluxe, whose facilities are in Granja de Rocamora (Alicante), is led by Fernando Cánovas, and is dedicated to the manufacture and installation of padel courts. It has more than 12 years of experience in the sector, is present in more than 32 countries, and has more than 3,500 courts installed around the world.



The company from Alicante is the only one in the world that does not have to outsource its structure manufacturing processes and, therefore, does not depend on suppliers. A company that emerged as a result of the construction crisis as a way of reinventing itself. “We examined the possibility of promoting padel internationally. At first they called us crazy but we started by setting up the first club in the financial centre of London. From there they went on to crown the first courts in Sweden, were the first to land in Egypt and finally made the Nordic countries their most exploited area, although they continue to explore the whole world.


Padel Courts Deluxe not only manufactures, but also offers installation, planning and after-sales services. “We want to provide a high quality product, without losing sight of the economic side and have the best product on the market,” he said. Currently, the company has a manufacturing capacity of 2,500 tracks per year and is developing up to 4,500 tracks if necessary.

“With this possibility, we are able to grow during manufacturing peaks and have facilities so that, when customers want more agility, we can absorb the demand and the customer does not suffer delays,” he said. In 2021, the company manufactured 1,500 tracks compared to 486 the previous year.

The company has a hundred workers, a strong commitment to R+D+i and has several patents in progress. “The padel court is a simple element but it has a lot of potential to be extracted and it is to eliminate as much maintenance as possible”.


  1. Padel Nuestro
  2. Padel Courts Deluxe
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