New Premier Padel 2024 Calendar

Padel, a sport that has experienced unprecedented growth in recent decades, is preparing for an exciting season in 2024 with the new Premier Padel calendar. This year, the dates that will mark the start and end of the season will be from February 26 to December 22, spanning nearly ten months of exciting competition around the world.

CUPRA on the courts of Madrid Premier Padel

Premier Padel: Raising the Standard of the Sport

The Premier Padel circuit, backed by Qatar Sports Investments and the International Padel Federation, aims not only to fill the void left by the golden era of the World Padel Tour (2013-2023), but also to expand the sport internationally. With the inclusion of new venues in the Middle East, the Americas and Europe, padel is reaching new horizons and attracting a global audience.

For the first time, countries such as Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Venezuela will host Premier Padel events, expanding the sport’s reach. Cities such as Acapulco, Genoa, Bordeaux, Rotterdam and Düsseldorf are also joining the circuit, preparing to welcome the world’s best players on 20×10 padel courts.

Calendar Premier Padel 2024

A Transformation on the World Padel Map

The distribution of events has changed significantly compared to previous seasons. Spain, which used to be the epicenter of world padel, will now host only four tournaments out of the 25 scheduled for this year. This reflects a strategy by Premier Padel to diversify locations and take the sport to new territories.

The loss of emblematic tournaments in Spain, such as Valencia and the Valladolid Masters, marks a notable change in the padel scene. Argentina, another power in the sport, will also see its presence reduced to just one event in the whole year, as it seeks to expand padel to other corners of the world.

A Calendar Packed with Excitement and Competition

Premier Padel has organized a total of 25 events for the 2024 season, each with its own ranking importance and unique appeal. From the four Major tournaments that award 2,000 points to the winning pair to the Tour Finals that brings together the top eight ranked pairs at the end of the season, the competition promises to be intense and exciting.

The season will kick off in Riyadh with a P1 tournament, followed by the Qatar Major, which will serve as a first indicator of the players’ form. The Ibero-American tour will pass through Paraguay, Argentina and Chile in May, before heading to the Foro Italico in Rome for the second Masters of the season in June.

The new Premier Padel calendar for 2024 offers an exciting panorama for sport lovers worldwide. Con nuevas sedes, a global distribution of events and a fierce competition in each tournament, el pádel continues its ascent as one of the most popular and passionate sports on the planet.

From Riad to Barcelona, from the majestic Major to the exciting Tour Finals, paddle aficionados can expect a season full of emotion, drama and unforgettable moments. Premier Padel has come to stay, consolidating itself as the dominant circuit of professional padel and taking the sport to new heights in 2024.

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