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Designed to withstand the harshest climates.


  • 12 modules of 3000x2000mm composed of 60x40x2mm galvanised steel profile and 40x40x1,5mm galvanised steel profile covered with 50x50x4 mm electro welded galvanised steel mesh. These frames are fastened to the upper part of the upper ring and to the pavement with anchor bales.
  • 4 modules of 2000x1000mm composed of 100x50x2mm galvanised steel profile and covered with 50x50x4mm electro-welded galvanised steel mesh.
  • 4 modules of 3000x1000mm composed of 100x50x2mm and 50x50x1,5mm galvanised steel profile covered with 50x50x4mm electro-welded galvanised steel mesh.
  • 2 modules of 4000x1000mm composed of 100x50x2mm and 50x50x1,5mm galvanised steel profile covered with 50x50x4mm electro-welded galvanised steel mesh.
  • Upper ring of the track made of 160x80x3mm galvanised steel profile.
  • 36ml of structural tube 60x40x2mm of galvanised steel for the lower support of the glass.
  • 4 pillars that support the upper ring and the base of the lantern made of 100x100x2mm galvanised steel profile. The upper part of these pillars are curved outwards to form the arm of the street lamp made of a 100x50x2mm galvanised steel profile.
  • 4 corner pillars formed by means of 80mm diameter tube for fastening the upper ring to the 4 corners of the glass panes.
  • POLYCARBONATE fixing brackets between panes.
  • All the fittings, lugs and screws used to fasten the structure and glass panes, including the anchoring screws, are made of A2 stainless steel.
  • Baked lacquered with polyester paint.
  • 1m or 3m net post with A2 stainless steel tensor and paddle court net with customisable tape.
  • Set of A2 stainless steel bolts and nuts and bolts (optional A4).


  • 18 modules of 2995x1995mm of 12mm thick tempered glass. Conforms to UNE standard. Secured by flush screws, with plastic washer and locknut for blocking and protection. Clamped on neoprene back.


  • Artificial turf, 12mm high, made of fibrillated polyethylene fibre in GREEN or BLUE (5500dtex), with a proportional part of regulatory lines.
  • Artificial turf, 12mm high in monofilament polyethylene fibre HQ in GREEN, BLUE, BLACK, TILE or BLUE (8800dtex), with proportional part of regulation playing lines.
  • Mondo WPT artificial turf in a choice of GREEN, BLUE AND RED.
  • White or coloured silica sand with selected granulometry, jointing tape and bi-component adhesive.

Court Classic 100

Designed to withstand the harshest climates


  • 4 normal or linear 200w LED floodlights for paddle court lighting.
  • 3×2,5mm electric cable to the foot of the streetlight.



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